Creating the custom recording.

Edit /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

Go to bottom of [mycontext] insert before [voipms-outbound]

insert the following to create the recording:

; Create Recording

exten => 299,1,Answer

exten => 299,n,Wait(2)

exten => 299,n,Record(ast-rec%d.wav)

exten => 299,n,Playback(beep)

exten => 299,Wait(2)

exten => 299,n,Playback(${RECORDED_FILE})

exten => 299,n,Wait(2)

exten => 299,SayAlpha(${RECORDED_FILE})

exten => 299,n,Wait(2)

exten => 299,n,Hangup

recordings live in


mkdir custom

mv wav file to custom/with new name if needed

[root@localhost custom]# pwd


[root@localhost custom]# ls


[root@localhost custom]#

Can also use voicemail box for recordings it stores those files in the following directory


You can then go to your mailbox INBOX and see the wav files and mv msg0002.wav /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/another-custom-recording.wav

Creating the custom SIP/Extensions/Voicemail/Followme

rename the sip.conf to sip.conf_orig.txt

rename the extensions.conf to extensions.conf_orig.txt

rename the voicemail.conf to voicemail.conf_orig.txt

rename the followme.conf to followme.conf_orig.txt

Recreate with the following attached files making changes to needed areas

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